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Reading School District

If you are interested in living in Berks County and you enjoy the urban lifestyle, then your best bet would be to check out real estate opportunities in Reading City, Pennsylvania. The School District serves the Reading City Area, which has a resident population of about 88,00 and covers a total area of 10 square miles. Reading is a very busy and exciting metropolitan area, so if you are interested in small City living, then we encourage you to check out our homes for sale in Reading City, Pennsylvania.

The District operates the Reading Senior High School and the Reading Intermediate High School (9-10), which caters to a large student population of about 2700 people. The High School offers multiple AP classes to its body of students to give them the chance to earn college credit upon passing an accredited test at completion of the course. This area has wonderful homes for sale and offers a great location to start your story. Please take a look through our listings and a Coldwell Banker SP will be happy to assist you.

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