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Welcome to Lebanon County, Pennsylvania. The county seat is Lebanon and the County lies about 90 miles Northwest of Philadelphia. Lebanon County is a member of the Lebanon Metropolitan Statistical Area. This greatly historical County presents some great real estate opportunities that we encourage you to explore.

Since records were most recently drawn, the area of Lebanon County was estimated to have a population of 133,568 and it covers a geographic area of 363 square miles. Lebanon City is the only registered City within Lebanon County.

Originally branched off from Lancaster and Dauphin County, Lebanon County was established on February 16th, 1816. It was primarily ventured into for the fertile soil that existed there which is the primary reason for the predominantly rural and country populous of the County today.

Most notable in Lebanon Counties History was the building of ‘The Union Canal’, which connected the Susquehanna River with the Schuylkill River. Originally planned in 1690 to connect Philadelphia to the Susquehanna River, the completion of the project did not take place until 1828. The Union Canal marks one of the greatest undertakings of the State of Pennsylvania.

Lebanon County is home to some of its better-known municipalities of Cornwall Borough and Mount Gretna. Cornwall Borough represents one of the largest steel mines and has great Historical attractions like the Cornwall Iron Mill. Mount Gretna is a popular lake and beach destination for Pennsylvania residents in the summer time and presents some great real estate opportunities.

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